Dan Alonso has taught Piano and Music for over 20 years in both English and Spanish. Living and Argentina and Spain completed Bachelors in Music/Arts and Spanish from Johan Sebastian Bach Conservatorium, Bs. As., he is also a Pilot and Spanish Language Teacher and the Creative Director for REMIFA Music Resources.

After many years of performing, he has decided to dedicate his time to teaching and education. This has allowed him to focus solely on his students, on his writing and music education projects. 

His vast experience teaching all ages and levels, preparing students for exams and performances is a testament to his passion for this vocation.



REMIFA Music Education is a boutique Piano and Music Education Studio founded by Dan Alonso after many years of teaching for other schools and privately. 


The main reason for opening REMIFA Music education was the frustrations of teaching in schools that had limiting curricula and generic teaching methods.


REMIFA Music prides itself on being focused on the student's goals and tailoring lessons to maximize learning based on many aspects. Personality, musical tastes, time to practice and ability are some of the factors taken into account. 


The mission is to concentrate on conditioning each student to play the piano to their best ability in the shortest time possible, without sacrificing the quality of the learning.